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Firestone QuickSeam™ Pond Liner Seaming System


Firestone QuickSeam splicing products form the best possible solution for on-site seaming, joining and repairing EPDM Liner. We supply the full range of products in a variety of full pack and split pack quantities. We also provide a free quick reference seaming guide for use by Firestone trained installers in addition to the full Firestone Installation Manual.

Watch our new Seaming Tutorials and learn how to use the QuickSeam products.

POND LINER SEAMING TUTORIAL - Firestone QuickSeam™ Repair Patch Kit

POND LINER SEAMING TUTORIAL - Firestone 3" QuickSeam™ Splice Tape Seaming

POND LINER SEAMING TUTORIAL - Fitting a prefabricated Pipe Sleeve


Firestone QuickSeam™ Components and Accessories for larger seaming projects.

QuickSeam™ 3" Splice Tape for field seaming of Firestone EPDM PondGard panels. Used with QuickPrime Plus Primer and a QuickScrubber pad to clean and prime mating surfaces. Supplied as a 76mm x 30.48 m (3.0” x 100ft) roll or part roll cut to the nearest 0.5m.

QuickSeam™ 9" Form Flash is a 228mm (9") wide, uncured EPDM flashing laminated to cured seam tape. QuickSeam FormFlash is used to flash inside and outside corners, reinforce lap seams, cover repairs, pipe penetrations pockets and other applications as specified by Firestone Installation Guidelines. Supplied as a 228 mm x 15.24 m (9.0” x 50ft) full roll (or part roll cut to the nearest 0.5m). Thickness: 1.6 mm (0.065” ). Used with QuickPrime Plus Primer and a QuickScrubber pad and handle to clean and prime mating surfaces.

QuickSeam 18" SA Flashing is used for lap cover repairs and reinforcing seams etc.This product consists of a cured membrane with quickseam tape already applied. It is applied to the liner using quickprime plus.

Download the SA Flashing specification sheet.

QuickPrimePlus is the solvent designed to clean and prime the EPDM membrane prior to application of QuickSeam products. QuickPrimePlus is applied to the membrane manually with a Quickscrubber Pad and Handle.

QuickSeam™ Universal Pipe Sleeve (Moulded EPDM) For sealing around liner pipe penetrations. Suitable for pipe sizes: 25.4 mm - 174.6 mm (1.0" - 6.875") O.D. Sleeve has moulded steps for the Pipe Outside Diameters listed below:

25.4 mm - 34.9 mm (1.0" - 1.375")

41.3 mm - 47.6 mm (1.625" - 1.875")

50.8 mm - 66.7 mm (2.0" - 2.625")

69.8 mm - 92.1 mm (2.75" - 3.625")

102.0 mm - 114.0 mm (4.0" - 4.50")

127.0 mm - 141.0 mm (5.0" - 5.50")

152.4 mm - 174.6 mm (6.0" - 6.875")

Comes complete with QuickSeam Tape already applied to flange and Stainless Steel clamp to secure to pipe. Base Flange: 330 mm (13.0") O.D. (Note: Installation requires QuickPrimePlus Primer, Scrubber Pad, Hand roller, Water Block Seal and Lap Sealant).


For larger projects we are happy to recommended Firestone Trained Installers in your area for installation and site seaming of Firestone PondGard EPDM liners.



When using Firestone Seaming Products follow all appropriate Safety Guidelines.

For Material Safety Data Sheets please go to:-

Visit the Firestone Building Products website .... here





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Download the Firestone Pipe Sleeve installation instructions

Download the Firestone QuickSeam instruction sheet


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