Seaming Systems for Pond and Lake Liners

Gordon Low Products Ltd are a leading UK manufacturer and supplier of EPDM Rubber pond liners used for ornamental lakes, irrigation lagoons, attenuation ponds and many more commercial water containment applications. We fabricate single piece liners up to a maximum of 40m x 45m in our factory, but when the size or shape of liner required exceeds this limit then multiple sheets need to be joined on site.

Two methods of joining EPDM are available, Hot Bond Welding by a trained operator using specialist welding equipment, or more commonly by Adhesives and Tapes by trained installer.

Firestone PondGard and GeoGard EPDM geomembranes are supplied to a maximium sheet size of 15m x 30m QuickSeam™ splicing products are used for a professional on-site seaming system for joining multiple EPDM pond liner sheets and termination details such as pipe sleeves and upstands etc. We supply the full range of these products in a choice of full pack or split pack quantities.

We are happy to recommended trained, experienced liner installers for installation and site seaming of Firestone EPDM liners, and run our own in-house training course.

Firestone quickseam system


The picture above shows the Firestone Quickseam tape process being applied to join liner sheets on site.

QuickSeam™ Splice Tape is a proven seaming technology. Multiple Firestone PondGard™ EPDM membrane panels can be assembled on site using the Firestone QuickSeam Splice Tape System. This advanced method of EPDM field seaming is based on Firestone QuickSeam Splice Tape, a self-adhesive EPDM/Butyl tape. Since its first application in 1987, millions of linear metres of Firestone QuickSeam Tape have been successfully installed worldwide. Firestone’s QuickSeam Tape seaming technology offers numerous benefits:
- Reduced labour times for seaming
- Easy installation
- Flexible and malleable seams
- Strong seams
- Environmentally friendly
- Proven technology

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