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Firestone Approved Installer Programme

Advantages of becoming a Firestone Trained Installer

Firestone QuickSeam™ splicing products form the best possible solution for on-site seaming, joining and repairing Firestone PondGard EPDM Pond Liner.

To be trained by a Firestone Technical Trainer at the Firestone Training School gives the Aquatic Landscaper / Pond Liner Installer, the best possible introduction to not only the technique of seaming pond liner sheets together, but also the expertise and confidence to tackle more advanced seaming and termination methods such as corner dressing, angled pipe penetrations, bottom drain collars etc.

We forward pond liner installation enquiries to our customers that are Firestone trained, so why not consider becoming a Gordon Low - Firestone Approved Installer ?

Learn how to correctly produce a pond liner seam or termination detail

The training course covers the basic considerations of liner installation, application of QuickSeam accessories, plus hands on experience of all the major components of the Firestone Quickseam™ product range including:-

1. PondGard 1mm EPDM Geomembrane - pond liner sheets

2. FormFlash - self-curing rubber overlay strip

3. QuickSeam 3" (76mm) Splice Tape - double sided adhesive seaming tape

4. Bonding Adhesive - for adhering liner to wood, metal, masonry etc.

5. QuickPrime Plus - cleaning primer activator (applied using QuickScrubber pad)

6. Splice Adhesive - contact adhesive

7. Splice Wash - for cleaning back larger areas of liner

8. Water Block Seal - Butyl based sealant

9. Lap Sealant - for sealing exposed edges of seams

10. Termination Bar - aluminium profile for securing liner to an upright wall

11. Installation Tools - Silicon roller, hot air gun, pads, marker pens etc.

For larger projects a Firestone Technical Rep can oversee your installation and site seaming of Firestone PondGard EPDM liners.

Call us for more information and current availability of the two day, on-site training course.

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